Kyron Warrick Talks YouTube, Style Influences and Outfit Essentials

Born in Philly and raised in Montreal, Kyron Warrick popularly known as Gotsweige is an all-around creator with an emphasis on menswear and streetwear. On his YouTube channel he makes videos of his streetwear,luxury,and vintage pickups,shares styling tips and parts of his day-to-day life. He dabbles in designing, and has recently collaborated with New York based brand Orée Nyc. Unfortunately for us the piece is already sold out. If we’re being honest, Kyron does it all; brand consultation, photography, modelling, and more. Kyron Warrick is a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry, and does far too much to be pigeonholed as simply a YouTuber or Instagram influencer. We had the opportunity to catch up with him and get to know a bit more about him. Read below and get find out how he’s built up his YouTube community, his style influences and more.

Kyron Warrick is a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry, and does far too much to be pigeonholed as simply a YouTuber or Instagram influencer.

When’d you discover your interest in the fashion industry?

When I was 14 I was like figuring out if I wanted to continue doing skateboarding and BMX. I realized that I wasn’t gonna go pro with that, like at all. I wasn’t as good as my friends or anything, it was more of a hobby. I knew I had more of an interest in fashion and that I could turn it into a career.

From who or where do you draw influence for your style choices?

Mainly, my dad, he’s the main reason I got into style. The rest of my family too but my dad was like the main component. So I’d say my dad and like small influences from like growing up whether they be artists or actual musicians and stuff like that. I like Jimi Hendrix a lot, I like his style. Lenny Kravitz as well. I like the 70s style a lot. And then I also like avant guard stuff, so really dark almost mysterious attire. That’s why Rick Owens is my favorite designer because he’s super dark and mysterious. But I like wearing color too so that’s where the 70s inspiration comes in. I like contrasting those 2 styles.

What is it about yellow that you love so much?

When I was younger red was my favorite color but I guess as I matured I just felt like yellow was better. It just suited a lot of the clothes that I liked and then also it just works with my skin really well I feel like. It contrasts nicely, I’m really a person of contrast I guess. If it pairs nicely then it works, for sure.

Give us some of your outfit essentials.

Definitely a nice pair of boots. I feel like men going into their 20s have to veer away from sneakers. Getting a nice pair of boots is really appropriate and a part of growing up. A solid pair of trousers, a lot of people like flare trousers right now which is very suiting to my style and its 70s inspiration. A classic t-shirt is also good essential. You gotta have a good t-shirt. And also accessories, I’m a person that likes to invest in accessories. Whether it be footwear, bags or jewelry. If you have a solid accessory to pair with a simple outfit, it can take it to the next level.

If you had the chance to choose three pieces without the restriction of availability or cost, what would you cop?

I’d say Jordan 1 1985s, the Chicago ones. So like the first 1s that he ever released. Margiela Tabi boots and Rick Owens Dunks.

What’s your dream brand collaboration?

I want Nike really bad. Nike could be really crazy. Just cause I’ve loved the shoes going all the way back to my childhood.  I want to work with them so bad. My dad really embedded Nike as THE brand, so anything Nike I’d kill for, for sure.

How have you built up your Youtube community over time?

It was always really gradual. Since the start, it was a hobby and even to this day, it’s still a hobby. It’s obviously become a bit of my career because I make most of my money through Youtube or things that stem off of Youtube. But I still treat it like it’s the same day that I started, like it’s always really fun for me. I just have to consistently upload because it has been incorporated into my career. 

A lot of people ask me how to build a youtube community for themselves and I always tell them to just focus on doing what you’re going to do. People will follow you. If you’re tackling a niche then people will tag onto it eventually because that’s just the way humans work in general. Like everyone I’ve had around, like my friends, have all had a common interest in fashion, music, or art and those niches have only grown as the years progressed for me and everything else I’ve been attached to. I feel like with time everything grows.

Kyron has been in the lab nonstop working on some great stuff so make sure to keep up with his social media and you won’t miss a thing. Also stay tuned for a special edition of Drip or Drown, coming soon!


We’d like to send a big thank you to Justice (@tragicboyjay) and Bryant (@tragicboylew) from Tragic Archives for doing this shoot for us. Love y’all! Make sure to follow them and check out some of their work on instagram.

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