Subana Talks Career Highlights, Beauty & More

Halloween is upon us and we’re so excited to have been able to interview makeup artist extraordinaire Subana (@sheezusrose) whose love for this holiday makes her a perfect fit for this week’s write-up! Subana has been dropping insane Halloween looks for the entirety of October, and to say she’s been killing it would honestly still be an understatement. When it comes to makeup artistry Subana is extremely versatile and can do anything from simple natural looks to dramatic ones to complete special effect transformations. She works as a freelancer in Montreal working with an array of clients from various backgrounds, all while dazzling us with looks on the ‘gram. For Subana’s 28th Halloween look she transformed herself into the mother from the classic animation Coraline while we inquired about her makeup journey, what beauty means to her, and more. 

When it comes to makeup artistry Subana is extremely versatile and can do anything from simple natural looks to dramatic ones to complete special effect transformations.

How’d you first get into makeup?

I started in grade 10 at school, there was a dance show and I did my makeup. All my friends saw it and they liked it so then I started doing my friends’ makeup. After that, it was just word of mouth and they told other grades. Then I became like the makeup girl at school because I always had a full bag of makeup on me. So it started from there. 

What’s the meaning behind your social media handle @sheezusrose?

It comes from Kanye West lyrics, I was a big fan when I was 14. He has a lyric ‘Yeezus just rose again’. So I came up with Sheezusrose and I thought the name was cute. Then it just stuck, really stuck and I just kept it. I feel like it’s too late to change it now. 

What are some highlights from your career as a makeup artist?

The first time I got a bride to ask me to do her makeup was a really big deal. I was like woah this is a big part of her wedding and she’s trusting me for it and I was 17, so that was huge. After that, I got a bunch of other bride bookings as well. Another one was this masterclass I took in Toronto with Makeup By Mario, he’s Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. That was a huge deal too and from that class, that’s when I decided I wanted to do makeup as a career. I was so in my element that day being surrounded by a makeup environment.

If you were only limited to 5 products you could use on yourself and your clients, what would they be?

A brow pencil, concealer, lip liner, a liquid highlighter, and bronzer.

When did you start doing FX makeup?

I was always interested in special effects first. I just didn’t know how and I was 15, special effects stuff is super expensive. So I didn’t go through with it but it was always what I was more interested in. As I got older I became more committed toward it. I invested in good stuff, took classes, then went to school for it. It was just a matter of commitment and I had just always been scared to go through with before.

What’s the most important quality to have in your field?

You have to be creative. You have to have your own style. If you don’t stand out then you’re not going to be anything special. You really have to have your own style. My goal is that if someone sees my work they could recognize it just by how different it is. You have to constantly think outside the box.

What would you consider your personal style as a makeup artist?

I have like 7 aesthetics that I’m trying to fit into one style for my work. I still don’t know yet, I’m figuring it out! 

What are some dream collaborations you’d like to have?

For a company, definitely Fenty Beauty. I think it goes without saying. Everything they stand for from their brand to the quality of their stuff is really admirable. For that reason, I’d say Fenty Beauty is my dream collaboration. Desi Perkins and Jackie Aina are my favorite makeup influencers so anything under their wing would be amazing as well.

What are some of the biggest struggles you’ve had in your career?

Doing freelance makeup is difficult because it’s not stable. Any freelance job isn’t stable so you kinda have to go out of your way to find gigs. Also establishing yourself as an artist, setting your rates, being confident enough to say yes these are my rates, and not toning down what I actually want for my work is difficult as well. 

Since I do makeup and started on Instagram, I’m doing the whole influencer thing. It’s an app and like if it gets deleted tomorrow then all my work is gone. Like Instagram is hard and the algorithm is weird. Also since my portfolio is on Instagram, numbers are also something I always stressed about. Mostly social media stuff makes it difficult. The quality of your work doesn’t reflect numbers you might get.

What is beauty to you?

I would define beauty the same as I would individuality. I would say anyone who’s an individual and like owns their look, that’s beauty to me. If you have a look and you pull it off that’s what I would consider beauty as. It’s confidence and individuality. 

We’d like to give big thank you to Subana for letting us interview her AND giving us this amazing Halloween content, we’re eternally grateful. For more gorgeous looks make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter if you aren’t already! If you need a makeup artist for literally anything from photoshoots, to music videos,weddings and more look no further!

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