Things Nobody Asked For: “Fleets”

Twitter rolled out another feature that nobody asked for.. but now we are here! This new feature allows for users to create “fleets” which are basically Twitter’s version of Instagram/Snapchat Stories. Fleets give Twitter users more opportunities to engage with their following. Users responded to this new feature with a myriad of emotions: 

Some are frustrated as Twitter lags on rolling out the feature to all of its 330 million and counting users as promised.  

I played around with fleets today, and already have questions and discoveries:  

Will Twitter users be able to use the audio recording feature on fleets?  

Twitter has given us an audio recording feature, but it is unavailable for “fleets” currently. 

Will Twitter users be able to create 24 hour polls on fleets?

The only current way to run a poll is with a tweet. 

When viewing fleets do private twitter users remain anonymous?

When a private account interacts with a normal tweet you are not able to see their information in replies/likes/retweets

I tested this with a friend for fleets, and private twitter users CAN be seen in the “Seen by” feature. 

The “capture video” feature lagged for me when trying to record directly into Twitter. 

I attempted to record and post a video directly on Twitter and my app froze and the video playback did not load!

I assume this is a bug, and will be tweaked after rollout. Has anyone else has this issue?

Accounts with big followings will now be able to see more direct engagement. 

It can be tough to engage followers with only tweets, fleets will allow more users to be able to connect with their following.

Can people that don’t follow you see your fleets?

Yes! If your profile is public your fleets can be viewed by anyone!

Will there be a swipe up link added to fleets? 

On Instagram users with over 10,000 followers are able to use the swipe up feature. On Snapchat all users are able to add swipe-up links. Will Twitter users be afforded this same swipe-up feature in the future?

Most people like this feature because it allows for a call-to-action.

So far, I actually like the concept of “fleets” (I do think they could have picked a better name). I think this will be something that helps set it apart further from Instagram/Facebook. We get to have a chronological feed AND post 24 hour stories. As an avid Twitter user this will definitely keep me off the Instagram more.

When social media sites roll out these huge updates I know they are heavily dependent on user feedback. What are your thoughts about “fleets”? Let me know by commenting below or on Twitter!

About This Author

GEM is a 24 year old black biracial digital creator from the Metro Detroit Area (Michigan). She has a love for all things social media, technology and self-care. GEM has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marketing + Communication and has worked in the digital marketing and graphic design community for 4+ years.

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