Fall into your Drip

The weather is getting colder but that isn’t a reason to not be stylin’ while profilin’ out there. Whether you’re the type to wear sweats and head out the door or planning an outfit, days in advance, there are in fact essentials that can make just about any outfit pop no matter your style preference as well as trends that can take your closet from meh to WOAH!

Jackets are usually the last thing we put on or put thought into because it’s another layer to just stay warm but if you take a look at your wardrobe do you have a leather jacket, a killer bomber or even a puffer jacket? If not, then those pair well with your dress-down days with your favorite adidas track pants or champion sweats and if your dressing it up for a night out with friends then think oversized a slip-on dress with a bomber jacket always catches the eye.

This season is also all about prints and textures! As I previously mentioned, leather is a staple and should not be overlooked along with faux-fur coats that look luxurious while not breaking your bank. Cowhide prints, snakeskin and wool fabrics are not only captivating to the eye but with touch as well, not to mention looking hella expensive. Go for monochromatic looks! They are all about one color, in the different shades it comes in. While that might sound difficult, it is more reason to go off and get as creative as you would like. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns, textures and prints it is quite literally was takes an everyday look into something new every time.

Overalls, Sweatpants, jeans, chinos, slacks, bellbottoms and trousers are all bottoms that you should doubtlessly have in your closet and/or drawers in like manner can elevate your entire outfit. With various designs and types of bottoms that are widely available you’re sure to find exactly what you need, notably at your local thrift stores. Now that we are in a pandemic, the restrictions on fitting your clothes before an actual purchase has made our judgements a little more difficult notably when it comes to waist fit and length of the actual pant which once more might lead you into a creative headspace and complete customize your thrift find into something completely new.

The drip is from head to toe and what’s on your feet is just as important as the rest of your outfit not to mention the first thing others actually notice before anything else, you’re wearing. A trend that I’ve been noticing is wearing cowboy style boots with just about any kind of get-up. This is a statement piece, if done right, that will just about heighten your look but the brows of your onlookers. Footwear that even in the Fall are must-haves: Air Jordans, classic Air Force 1’s, classic Adidas and Reebok classics. “Good shoes take you good places,” and should not be treated as an after-thought.

Lastly, an outfit is simply not complete without accessorizing! If you wear gold, silver, costume jewelry or customized to your liking, it’s an added bonus to any and every outfit. Ultimately, clothes are to have fun in and make who you are on the inside come to life on the outside.

For inspiration here are some influencers/Instagrfam fashionistas that may aide you on your next look:

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Hey! My name is Shakeem, who also goes by ‘Badbwoymack,’ so get familiar ;). My alias solely encompasses a lot of who I am and what I represent from my style, the music I listen to, the vibe I like to be surrounded by as well as the growth in my confidence, that I work on daily. 
As a contributor for NobodyAsked I plan on sharing stories about things that vary from music of all genres that I divulge in, black beauty/art to the latest fashion trends. I want to inspire and give our readers stories that are trending as well deserve more exposure, while keeping true to myself.  


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