Chanksdaddy on Taking L’s, 2021 Plans and More

For this week’s interview, we had the opportunity to interview an extremely talented producer, artist, and DJ from Ottawa. Going by Chanksdaddy or just Chanks he’s produced for one of our faves, Romeo Don’t Die, along with many other artists such as Huey Draper, Krsraga, CasaLee, and Iceyami. He’s been referred to as a genius for his ability to blend genres and style making them seamless. Besides producing he also is an artist who makes catchy bops that he teases us with but doesn’t release, so to say we cannot wait for his solo project to come out is an understatement. Read below to get know why he has so much unreleased music, his thoughts on violence in the rap game, and his upcoming plans in 2021.

He’s been referred to as a genius for his ability to blend genres and style making them seamless.

Why do you keep so much music in the vault?

The first thing would be timing and I get sick of my shit within 2 seconds. I always feel like everytime I finish something I’m so much better after. Every next thing I do, but also timing. One of those things I’m working on though. 2021. Trust me. Trust the process.

What’s the biggest L you took with a woman?

There was this one time I asked this girl out to eat and basically she just said no. She just said no but I was like damn bitch you not even gonna fake it for a free meal. It was like woah, just no? You’re not gonna fake it or even try to use me? Not that that’s what I wanted but it was just that the no was so firm. This wasn’t that long ago either. I had to just respect it cause I didn’t expect that. I thought it was foolproof even if she wasn’t interested and I did it, at least I did it. But she didn’t even want to go to dinner.  I was like this is crazy, it lowkey a bigger L than her just using me. If you use me and we don’t get along I’m going to know within the first 5 minutes. But yeah she wasn’t trying to do that. She said “nah still”, I think that was her answer. So I was like ok.

Have you been listening to any King Von tracks?

I just started listening to him. He was everywhere. The first track I heard from him I didn’t like. You really couldn’t escape him, so I was like fine I’ll listen to this nigga, and he was really good. He was going up, but like exponentially. He was everywhere. Do you know how hard it must be for an artist to pop during Corona?

What are your thoughts about the unusually high percentage of upcoming rappers dying from gun violence? Would you be afraid of falling victim to it if you blow up?

Yeah absolutely. The beast needs blood, you now, and it’s not a coincidence that you have all these people dying mysteriously or suddenly at the peak of their start. Not even their actual peak just the start. It’s the only genre of music where this happens. It’s a rap thing and I feel like there’s something greater at play, something even more sinister maybe.

Top 5 artists you’re listening to right now.

I like Trippie Redd, Fivio Foreign, Sundiver, that’s rock. Uh let me look at my playlist real quick… There’s Joji, he’s greek, and Rob Banks.

As a producer are there any genres you’d like to explore?

There’s a few. I really like the shit that Micheal Jackson was doing. Whatever that’s called, the actual term for it. Micheal Jackson is lit. Also pop music, but not like the wack pop, you know. You don’t see a lot of niggas making pop, cause it’s intricate. Niggas wanna make bangers all day but that’s not the hardest thing to do.

Who’d you fuck, kill or marry between an X-Box, Playstation and PC?

I would fuck…  That’s the craziest shit I’ve been asked in my life. Can’t believe I’m really about to answer. Especially for a fuck, kill, marry question. I would fuck, omg, PC. Kill X-Box and marry Playstation.

Where does the name Chanksdaddy come from?

Chanksdaddy comes from Chanks and Chanks comes from Chanka, which was what my nickname was in school. So it went from Chanka to Chanks and then Chanksdaddy, yeah. Actually Chanksdaddy I changed that cause of P Diddy, Puff Daddy. I look up to him he’s done a lot of great things.

What’s one song that reminds you of your childhood?

50 Cent- 21 Questions

What are your plans for 2021 with your music?

I definitely want to drop an actual project. That’s big for me because I’m not really a project type of guy, but now I want to drop a body of work. Me, on all fronts. I’ve basically already started. I want to do that and also I want to produce for more people. I’ve been getting a lot of requests because of the stuff that I’ve done recently with Romeo and some other people. The calls have been coming in like crazy. I want to deliver is what I want to do. Sometimes a lot of people call me but people kinda think that music just comes to me or that I have a stash of shit waiting to be sent. Which I kinda do but I never want to send shit to people if it’s below a certain standard. I want to deliver in 2021. I will. That’s all it is. I want to work with more people and work with myself a lot.

Stay up to date with everything Chanksdaddy by folowing him on his Twitter and Instagram. If you need to discover some new music to listen to check him out on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

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