The Season of Giving

Grow Still is a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding individuals that are transitioning from the end of their teenage years and into young adulthood. Grow still understands how important it is for young people to have a support system during one of the most challenging and transformational times of their lives.

Grow Still also understands how tough its been on small businesses and BIPOC communities in the 514 since COVID-19 hit the world, which is why the center will be holding an online live auction on Instagram during the weekend of December 11th.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to support our community during this time of crisis–it’s especially important as we get deeper and deeper into the holiday season.

The world has never been kind or looked out for BIPOC communities, and as Canadians it is important for us to recognize that it isn’t any different in our own country. There is not enough support within the Black and Indigenous community, and many have been left to fend for themselves during the pandemic. Grow Still is offering an amazing space to extend the kindness that people need at this time. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or simply want to get some cool new pieces to add to your collection while spreading some holiday cheer back into the community, this is an event that you don’t want to miss!  

It’s our turn to look out for each other.We’ll see you there.

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