Woke or Whateva Talk Self Care, Their Mission in the Black Community and Their Love for Napping

We’re so happy to finally share this super special interview with Titi and Becky, the two brilliant woman behind the increasingly popular bilingual podcast, Woke or Whateva. They speak on capitalism, anti-blackness and feminism while keeping up with current events and pop culture. The podcast is serious and smart yet also humorous and very accessible to anyone interested in gaining some knowlege. They make a point of boosting issues and causes they believe in on their platforms as well as creating fundraisers of their own. Both women cover each topic they choose with well researched information, charisma and personalities that make you eager to see what they have coming next.

After only a little over a year of its conception the podcast has gathered over 20k followers on their various platforms, been featured in numerous publications, and has recently been nominated for podcast of the year at the Dynastie Gala (go vote!). While they’ve really just started they’ve done so much already and still have a lot more in store for us and we truly cannot wait. Tune in to the interview to find out a little more about Becky and Titi, like how they met each other, the importance of self-care in their lives, their plans for the community and much more!

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with the amazing women that are Woke or Whateva, thank you so much for participating in this interview! Make sure to keep up with them on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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