How Lupin Stole my Heart

Picture it: A brand new series with a dark-skinned main character that’s set in France. Not convinced? Might I add that this is finally a show that isn’t centred around morbid gang violence, slavery or addiction (let’s take a break from watching black trauma, shall we?) ; it’s fucking refreshing.

Lupin gets the ball rolling with an origin story like no other. A young Assane Diope’s (Omar Sy) father is accused of stealing an extremely rare and EXPENSIVE diamond necklace from his employers.  Completely dishonered and consumed with guilt from this senseless, untrue accusation, Diope’s father commits suicide while serving time in prison–or so we think. Assane decides to spend his lifetime planning the revenge of the century and uncovering the truth surround his father’s death with determination and skill that even Michael Jordan would kill for.

The show is a modern-day version of a collection of novellas called Arsene Lupin. Drawing his tact and cunningness from this fictional character, Assane literally becomes Arsene; the gentleman thief and master of disguise.

With four short episodes, Lupin opens your mind and swallows it whole. Watching this show as someone with the attention span of a toddler, I can confirm that I lived on the edge of my seat. I’ve never been so enthralled and excited by a show since Desperate Housewives. Viewers are taken on a world wind of action-packed fight scenes, mystery solving, a good old game of cat and mouse, and the art of lying and stealing.

Whether the protagonist Assane Diope is a villain or a hero is entirely up to you to decide. Personally, I could never be upset by a story that features a black man center stage, set in France that is stealing from the white people that have wronged him and his father. Just in time for black history month? Child, please. Everyone can see a bit of themselves in Lupin. Whether that’s the quest of a vigilante, the topic of discrimination and the justice system (specifically in Europe), or the magic that you can only find in a fictional novel–it’s all there.

Directed by Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said, Lupin brings out something truly special here. I think they truly had the perfect idea to unveil this show in a time where travelling and social interaction isn’t accessible (well, it shouldn’t be. Stay your assess home lol). This shit will grab you by shirt collar and literally drag you into TV Land. It is all consuming.

I don’t want to spoil you guys with too many details; this is the type of show you just absolutely need to watch yourself.

Heads up:

The show is entirely in French, so turn on those subtitbles if needed. It lowkey turned me off from watching the show at first, but 10 minutes into the show I didn’t even care anymore.

Season two of the show comes out this summer.

I swear by Lupin, I might even have to get myself some copies of Arsene Lupin for my own scheming!

Anyway, that’s all for now, babes.

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