#VibeOfTheWeek: SKIIFALL – Bentayga Dust

This week’s vibe is honestly a fucking banger. The Montreal-based St-Vincent born rapper SKIIFALL has gained a lot of traction since his debut single “Ting Tun Up”. It’s almost unheard of for an emerging anglophone artist in Quebec to get numbers like SKIIFALL debut, despite there being countless talented artists. So I love to see young artist getting some shine. It’s well deserved in my opinion. He certainly didn’t let me down with his follow-up single “Bentayga Dust” that dropped a couple months, early May.

The video is a welcomed addition to the song, where we follow SKIIFALL from the snowy outskirts of Montreal on a snowmobile, to the a swanky psychiatriast office setting, to the him chilling in the backseat of a Bentayga. The video has lots of flair and style that matches the vibe and lyrics that “Bentayga Dust” has.

If ya’ll haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and check out SKIIFALL, he’s someone who will surely be making big waves in the industry soon enough. He’s also recently released a new single, that’s currently exclusivly available on Audiomack and Sounclound, “Feds Fraid We”. This song’s is also a banger and we can honestly do a #VibeOfTheWeek with every track he’s dropped so far.

#NewMusicAlert : JTONDABEAT – Damaged (feat. Lil Waterboi)

We’re coming at you with some new music! This track is brought to you by Florida born audio engineer, JTONDABEAT. He’s been making beats since 2016 and now is working on making his mark in the music industry as an artist. With his catchy melodies, varied sources of inspiration and passion for music, he can really go places.

Previous #VibeOfTheWeek feature Lil Waterboi joins JTONDABEAT on “Damaged” as well. Both artists are members of the Bahay Collective, which works to strenghten the creative community. On this new single which dropped June 18th JTONDABEAT and Lil Waterboi take on a melodic instrumental and come with lyrics that put their heart on their sleeves.

The song and is catchy, and as a self proclaimed “sad boy anthem”, it’s definitely relatable as well. I mean a lot of us have been through it. “Damaged” is a song born out of heartbreak and personal experience which is refreshing to say the least.

The music video visuals are trippy as fuck! Honestly I absolutely love how it was shot. It’s definitely worth taking the time to watch.

Check out “Damaged” now out on all platforms! Make sure to follow JTONDABEAT on his socials to stay up to date with everything he has going on (Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud).

#VibeOfTheWeek: Timur N – Tonight

Timur N - Tonight

So we’re back with another vibe of the week (which will be more consistent from now on)! This week’s bop comes from a very young artist coming out of South West London who goes by the name Timur N. In a short time since dipping his toes into the music industry, he’s come out with three solid singles. His newest single Tonight shows me that there is so much promise in the future of this newly turned 17-year-old singer-songwriter.

Tonight has a pop vibe with a sprinkle of RnB mixed in. The instrumental definitely gives me a nostalgic feeling that I can’t quite place what it reminds of (and it’s driving me insane). I feel like it would be absolutely amazing if this song also had a visual to it since there’s the storytelling factor in Timur N’s writing. The lyrics are also just too relatable, we love a fuck my ex I’m better off without them bop. Because it’s absolutely true. “Tell me how it feels to be on the other side of things? Why can’t you let me take a break? From all of the bullshit. You’re really not worth it.” I mean that all facts and I feel seen. These lyrics on top of a catchy beat, I love it.

Make sure to check out the two other singles that he has out, Talk Dirty and my personal fave, Somethin’. Check out his Instagram to keep up with him. I’m patiently awaiting a new project and can’t wait to see what Timur N has in store for the listeners.

What Does Dance Mean to You? – #InternationalDanceDay

Today is International Dance Day, and so the team over at NobodyAsked got some of Montreal’s most promising dancers together and teamed up with local photographer Dorothy aka puredomo, to capture this years groovy day. Specializing in a multitude of styles such as contemporary, hip-hop, and afro-house, these three dancers unveil exactly what dance means to them.

Trey by @puredomo

Trey Roach is 20 years old and despite working full-time, says that his training never stops. He is in the process of developing versatility in a number of different dance styles so that he can enhance his craft. “Consistency is key,” says Trey, “We can’t practice indoors? No problem, we’ll take it to the streets! Where dancing was made.

Dance means the integration of a flow, energy, style and a personal creativity span that is so above and beyond what we’re use to. Why’s its so important to me? It’s because dance creates and allows that liberty of movement and expressivity that we’re always searching for. It creates a certain type of feeling that we cannot replace, based upon how someone is able to transmit that message.”

To keep up with Trey, follow him here

Paul Alexander by @puredomo

Paul Alexander Dorsainvil is 20 years old and a student at Dawson College. As he works part-time, Paul is a part of two dance crews (@afrodojomtl and @gem.in.i.crew). Also an aspiring song writer, Paul says that his goal is to give back to his community.

“Dancing is a passion, dancing is therapy, and dancing is a way to express yourself–it’s a different form of communication. A lot of people might see it as just mere entertainment, but dancing is everything to me.

Dance is the center of my roots. How can I say this: it has became a part of me. Whatever I do, where I go, however I feel, dance is gonna be apart of it. It can be therapeutic, fun, professional, however you want to call it. It’s me. ” Says Paul.

To keep up with Paul Alexander, follow him here

Leah by @puredomo

Leah Danga is 20 years old and has been working as an Afro dance teacher at a high school for the past 3 years. She is also a hairdresser! (@locsbyleahh).

“Dancing is a huge part of my life and I’m privileged to be able to honour it every day. It’s challenging­, and not everyone is lucky enough to make a living by doing what they love, so for that I’m grateful.

Dance is honestly my therapy, it is what makes me the most comfortable, where I feel most free. The fact that I’m able to share it with other people, alongside my friends is a huge blessing to me. If you took dance away from me, it would be like taking away a part of my happiness. I genuinely don’t see much joy without it.”

To keep up with Leah, follow her here

Trey, Leah, and Paul Alexander are all currently dancing with Afrodojo dance crew. These three dancers say that their goal is to spread knowledge bout Afro dance whilst enjoying what they love to do together. You can see these gems in their element by popping by to weekly, outdoor labs and cyphers. Visit @afrodojomtl for more information.

 “We plan to get down this summer–because everywhere is a dojo,” says Trey.

International Dance Day serves as a day to truly recognize the value and importance of this art and sport form. A day for dancers to reflect on all the hard work and time they’ve put into perfecting their craft or even just simply doing their craft! It’s not always easy to find time and just let loose, engage in things that you love solely to enjoy it. Today can also serve as a day to call on bigger institutions that don’t value this medium for what it is, call on schools that try to strip this from the media, cities that are closing down studios etc.

It’s been a very interesting year for dance with a lot of choreographers opting to teach and hold classes online through zoom, Instagram lives or sites like Steezy. We encourage y’all to challenge yourselves by picking one of your favorites dancers and learning a routine! It can take you a day, it can take a year! Point is, let loose and have fun 🙂

Make sure to keep up with these amazing Montreal talents by following their Instagram, linked above.

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#VibeOfTheWeek: Lil Waterboi – Crazy Rich (feat. Ching)

NobodyAsked presents the first of a weekly showcasing of new singles and albums that we’re currently vibing to which we’ll deem the #VibeOfTheWeek. Up this week is emerging Asian Canadian artist and producer Lil Waterboi. He is an independent artist coming out of Montreal and co-founder of the Bahay Collective, which works to strenghten the creative community throughout the Asian diaspora. On his brand new single “Crazy Rich” he and featured Toronto rapper Ching take on a fire trap instrumental that also has an upbeat East Asian influence that we absolutely love ( big shoutout to the producer!).

The song is catchy as fuck but also aims to defy common stereotypes that all Asian people are a conservetative, quiet and safe monolith. This is a message that we absolutely can get behind although we can’t say the same for pouring lean in boba, I mean that’s just a waste of perfectly good bubble tea.

The music video visuals are amazing and have us missing turn ups pre- covid. Lil Waterboi truly oudid himself with this one! This is truly such a well done nod to The Crazy Rich Asians book by Kevin Kwon and the blockbuster film of the same name. We love the video so much it’s honestly great and super refreshing to see this kind of creativity and originality from a rap video.

Check out “Crazy Rich” now out on all platforms! Keep up with Lil Waterboi on Instagram and find his music on spotify, soundcloud and apple music.