Drink of the Month: Dark and Stormy

Our July #DrinkoftheMonth choice is the classic Dark & Stormy! It’s a refreshing and easy to make cocktail for those of y’all that want to spice up your weekend nigths in, but don’t wanna break the bank.

It’s known as Bermuda’s unofficial drink and was popularized by sailors around the world. Legend has it that it even got it’s iconic name because sailors though the cocktail color reminded them of a dark and stormy sky.

The ingredients are fairly simple:

  1. Dark Rum ( we prefer spiced rum! )
  2. Ginger Beer
  3. Lime juice ( and a wedge )
  4. Ice

Sorry to say, but we didn’t go off measurements this time around, our best advice? Let the universe guide you xx

  1. Fill class with Ice
  2. Build the ingredients, adding the lime juice if you please (for a true Bermudan style, skip it!)
  3. Garnish with a lime wedge.

If you decided to try this drink at home, tag us in your creations and let us know your thoughts! If you haven’t checked out the rest of our #DrinkoftheMonth videos; where we test out our (growing) bartending skills and and try out new cocktails every month, you can do so by heading over to our Instagram!

How High Can You Get?: Best THC Infused Catering in Montreal!

It’s 420 and boy, do we have a special treat for you. 

In an ideal world, April 20, would be the day that we all gather at Mont – Royal and enjoy the marijuana holiday together. Meet new people, listen to music, laugh and have fun! Unfortunately for us, that’s not our reality at the moment. With COVID-19 rules and restrictions still in place, our Mont Royal extravaganja is going to have to pause for another year.

Not to fear though! Since Canada legalized weed back in 2018, we’ve seen a huge amount of cool THC infused products pop up. With so many to choose from, we spent an entire weekend working hard, long, and tiring hours testing out these Montreal based THC infused-catering services.

Now, we’re here to give you the inside scoop (along with a little surprise, make sure to read to the end!).

Fya Drinks

Fya Drinks features an extensive list of exotic refreshers, milkshakes and slushes, healthy teas, and cocktails–the options feel almost limitless. Before selecting your beverage of choice, Fya Drinks gives you the option to pick between a hybrid or sativa infusion. You must also select your intensity level (beginner, moderate, strong, and extra strong).

I ordered three drinks in total, all hybrid mixes and all 15 mg for beginners (don’t come for me, I’m a light weight!). With carefully selected fresh fruit ingredients, my Fya drink of choice for our Mary Jane review? A Lychee Watermelon slush.

After refrigerating it for two hours, I was ready to go! Every sip felt like I was stealing away to a private beach, relaxing under the sun. And I’m telling you, it tasted seamless. Refreshing, sexy, sweet, and humbly priced– I paid 40$ (10$ each drink and a 10$ delivery fee). I guzzled down half the of the slush and my boyfriend had the other half. 30 minutes in, a warm buzz set in. It wasn’t anything too over powering, but we were high, high.

Another added plus? Fya Drinks gets their fresh juices to you in the nick of time. I placed my order Monday evening and it arrived Tuesday evening; just a short 24 hours later. If we’ve convinced you enough; you can place your orders on their website. To keep up to date with them, follow their Twitter @fyadrinks

and because we love y’all so much: use code NBDYASKD20 for 20% off your order! applicable until April 23 2021

One word to describe Fya Drinks? tropical.

The Gas Stove

The Gas Stove offers clients a large range of cuisine to choose from. You could truly splurge and treat yourself to a 3-course meal alone here. They have entrees such as the “Kush Cups”; an island inspired treat consisting of diced mangos and pineapples coated in pepper sauce. Main course meals such as the “Han Solo Burger”; a bison one pounder with balsamic vinegar, Monterey jack cheese, lettuce and tomato served with fries. And to top it all off THC infused chocolate bars. Did I mention they offer vegetarian options too?

I tried the Han Solo Burger and it was to die for! I’m not a big burger lover but this one hit the spot. You could really taste all the flavors and spices put into it. I especially loved the cheese being inside of the burger. THC tasting?? Non-existing, I almost forgot it was an edible. But boy when it hits, it HITS.

The meal was priced $30 (the most expensive dish on the menu) and 300THCmg per serving can be found in each dish. You can find them over on their Instagram although they primarily taking orders on snapchat (thegasstove420). The THC menu is a secret, make sure you ask about it!

use code TGS420 for $10 off your order! applicable until April 23 2021


Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Eufloria has you covered. They aim to offer a range of cannabis infused products ideal for relaxation. Their refined process and discrete packaging allow their mature clients to indulge in recreational consumption. Eufloria offers a multitude of choices of cookies to choose from such as dark chocolate, white chocolate and salted caramel to name a few. Brownies and Krispie Bites can be found on their menu list as well.

One word to describe Eufloria? We’d say moist. I ordered a bag of Krispie Bites (can feed 3 people) and a few of the cookie pairs and every single bite melted right into my mouth. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy.

One word to describe Eufloria? moist.

My personal favorites were the cookies, they reminded me of the likes of Félix & Norton. Both a blessing and a curse; blessed to receive such delicious edibles, but a curse that I couldn’t munch on my entire order in one sitting. As a beginner in marijuana consumption, lord knows what would have happened to me if I did that. Lots of self control was required during this taste test!

Minimum orders start at $50. Each cookie contains 25THCmg, each brownie contains 80THCmg and one bag of krispies bites (good for 3 people, 2 bites each) contains 50THCmg/ 2 bites. Packaging was as described, discreet, and the sweet treats come in bags that can be reused easily! You can find them over at their Instagram. They currently have a 4/20 special running, perfect to share amongst your friends.

use code KNOW420 for 10% off your order! applicable until April 23 2021 at 8PM

There it is, 3 awesome ways to celebrate 4/20 this year in style. My opinion? Planning a DIY resto style lunch or dinner with these meals would be so cute, go all out! Table décor, fancy glasses and dress to the 9s! Make the most of every little holiday you can! Enjoy the coupon codes and Happy 4/20, consume responsibly!

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How Lupin Stole my Heart

Picture it: A brand new series with a dark-skinned main character that’s set in France. Not convinced? Might I add that this is finally a show that isn’t centred around morbid gang violence, slavery or addiction (let’s take a break from watching black trauma, shall we?) ; it’s fucking refreshing.

Lupin gets the ball rolling with an origin story like no other. A young Assane Diope’s (Omar Sy) father is accused of stealing an extremely rare and EXPENSIVE diamond necklace from his employers.  Completely dishonered and consumed with guilt from this senseless, untrue accusation, Diope’s father commits suicide while serving time in prison–or so we think. Assane decides to spend his lifetime planning the revenge of the century and uncovering the truth surround his father’s death with determination and skill that even Michael Jordan would kill for.

The show is a modern-day version of a collection of novellas called Arsene Lupin. Drawing his tact and cunningness from this fictional character, Assane literally becomes Arsene; the gentleman thief and master of disguise.

With four short episodes, Lupin opens your mind and swallows it whole. Watching this show as someone with the attention span of a toddler, I can confirm that I lived on the edge of my seat. I’ve never been so enthralled and excited by a show since Desperate Housewives. Viewers are taken on a world wind of action-packed fight scenes, mystery solving, a good old game of cat and mouse, and the art of lying and stealing.

Whether the protagonist Assane Diope is a villain or a hero is entirely up to you to decide. Personally, I could never be upset by a story that features a black man center stage, set in France that is stealing from the white people that have wronged him and his father. Just in time for black history month? Child, please. Everyone can see a bit of themselves in Lupin. Whether that’s the quest of a vigilante, the topic of discrimination and the justice system (specifically in Europe), or the magic that you can only find in a fictional novel–it’s all there.

Directed by Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said, Lupin brings out something truly special here. I think they truly had the perfect idea to unveil this show in a time where travelling and social interaction isn’t accessible (well, it shouldn’t be. Stay your assess home lol). This shit will grab you by shirt collar and literally drag you into TV Land. It is all consuming.

I don’t want to spoil you guys with too many details; this is the type of show you just absolutely need to watch yourself.

Heads up:

The show is entirely in French, so turn on those subtitbles if needed. It lowkey turned me off from watching the show at first, but 10 minutes into the show I didn’t even care anymore.

Season two of the show comes out this summer.

I swear by Lupin, I might even have to get myself some copies of Arsene Lupin for my own scheming!

Anyway, that’s all for now, babes.

The Season of Giving

Grow Still is a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding individuals that are transitioning from the end of their teenage years and into young adulthood. Grow still understands how important it is for young people to have a support system during one of the most challenging and transformational times of their lives.

Grow Still also understands how tough its been on small businesses and BIPOC communities in the 514 since COVID-19 hit the world, which is why the center will be holding an online live auction on Instagram during the weekend of December 11th.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to support our community during this time of crisis–it’s especially important as we get deeper and deeper into the holiday season.

The world has never been kind or looked out for BIPOC communities, and as Canadians it is important for us to recognize that it isn’t any different in our own country. There is not enough support within the Black and Indigenous community, and many have been left to fend for themselves during the pandemic. Grow Still is offering an amazing space to extend the kindness that people need at this time. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or simply want to get some cool new pieces to add to your collection while spreading some holiday cheer back into the community, this is an event that you don’t want to miss!  

It’s our turn to look out for each other.We’ll see you there.

Movie Review: Vampires vs. the Bronx

After being extremely disappointed with Freeform’s Halloween movie list, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through Netflix and stumbled across Vampire vs the Bronx. It’s a coming of age – comedy-horror story following 3 teens; Miguel (Jaden Michael), Luis (Gregory Diaz IV),and Bobby (Gerald Jones III), that are trying to save their neighborhood from gentrifying vampires. Written and directed by Osmany Rodriguez, Vampires vs. the Bronx makes a family friendly commentary on rent spikes, why locals would be enticed to sell, and gentrification.

Vampires Vs. the Bronx,
out now on Netflix

Miguel saying " We got vampires in the bronx"
tumblr credit: @tvandfilm

Overall? 10s ACROSS THE BOARD. Nobody asked but, personally I think Vampires Vs the Bronx deserves to be up there with the classics (Hocus Pocus, Addams Family etc). It was nice to see brown and black kids be the star of a film that wasn’t trauma porn and centering around police brutality. Rodriguez had the perfect mix of social commentary and your plain old feel good typical horror elements, well, as feel good as horror could get.


Miguel, nicknamed Lil Mayor, is set on saving his favorite bodega in town. He spends most of the movie putting up flyers for a fundraising block party and trying to impress his 16-year-old crush, Rita (Coco Jones) and her friends. When he witnesses Slim (Germar Terrell Gardner), a local gangbanger get the life sucked out of him—literally, all hell breaks lose. Him and the boys watch Blade to figure out how to defeat these monsters and when no one believes them, they try to win this battle on their own… Without getting dragged to church by their religious mothers of course.

miguel, bobby and tony watching Blade for vampire fighting tips
tumblr credit: @therukurals

Throughout the movie, you see the signs of gentrification slowly take over the Bronx. From new store flyers and products in Tony’s bodega changing. To OG stores closing and seeing, as Bobby put it, “white people with canvas bags”. Nothing good ever comes from white people with canvas bags. Though it is dubbed a comedy – horror, there’s not too much plot on the vampire horror aspect. They follow the tale old rules; wooden stake to the heart, sunlight, and the eucharist makes them go *poof*. Holy water, garlic, and the cross make them shiver. However, they did introduce a new concept of the birthing of vampires. My knowledge goes as far as Twilight but I’m pretty sure biting them used to be the classic technique. One I never understood because how do you bite to kill versus bite as a club member invitation? Is it pressure? Is it Russian roulette? Who knows! Through evil monologue, Vivian (Sarah Gadon); the leader of this vampire squad, reveals that her plan is to turn all of the Bronx residences into vampires by having them inhale the ashes of the original vampire and then finish it off with a bite. An idea I’d love to see developed because it raises problems such as: how many batches does his ashes make? What happens when they run out? Etc.

In all, there needs to be more movies like Vampire vs the Bronx. It’s charming and shows so much New York/Bronx culture. Though I’m not from there, I’m on twitter enough to understand and appreciate the little jokes thrown here and there. And with a cast composed of Method Man, Coco Jones, The Kid Mero, Zoe Saldana and Chris Redd, it makes me truly miss movie theaters. That *togetherness* feeling I got when I watched Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther and Jordan Peele’s Get Out with majority black & brown audiences was unmatched and I could definitely imagine scenes where there’d be unison laughter, gasps and shouting . So please, make it a point to watch this film with your family, friends or on an online stream! It’ll be worth it. And if you can’t, no fear! We’ll be hosting an Instagram live movie discussion on October 27th @ 7pm-8pm. Come with your observations and questions, it’ll be fun!

Bronx hand sign
tumblr credit: @therukurals

About This Author

Mya is the creative director and co-founder at NobodyAsked. A lover of all things creative, you can find her at the drawing board to behind the camera and in-front of it! Outside of NobodyAsked, Mya is a freelance graphic designer, photographer and social media manger.

For business inquires you can contact at mediabyjam@gmail.com

Restaurant Review: Le Petit Vibe

Being cooped up in my tiny duplex for five months during self-isolation has given me travel FOMO like never before. I’ve been itching to book a flight to a beautiful tropical destination, lay out in the sun and experience authentic cultural cuisine. The next best thing since as my travelling options are limited? Restaurants.

Due to limited social interaction (fuck you Covid-19 for interfering with my bag), Le Petit Vibe is not allowing customers to dine in just yet, so my boyfriend and I ate in the car (but they will be reopening dining in two weeks’ time). Taking a look at the menu, it’s so very easy to spot the Hawaiian and Filipino influence in not only the artwork and designs used, but the dishes offered. Each plate is accompanied by a photo of the country of origin’s flag. With affordable prices, vegan options and sides of rice, macaroni salad and veggies, there is something for everybody at Le Petit Vibe!

We started off our food baecation with The Hawaiian North Shore Shrimp, which according to the host, was shrimp fried in a garlic sauce. Crispy, golden brown, and served on sticky white rice, the shrimp were subtly spiced. The saltiness from the garlic butter met beautifully with the gentle sweetness from the macaroni salad. This pleased me because even though mac salad seems like the easiest side to make, most people would be surprised by how badly it can come out. A good macaroni salad does not overpower the main meal, it should not be too watery or too sweet. Le Petit Vibe finds a harmonious balance, bringing flavour and comfort with this simple side. Another important notice I took from Uptown’s hidden gem was the freshness of the food when our second meal was brought out. The Loco Moco is a traditional Filipino dish of a beef patty adorned with an egg and gravy on top. That patty was fresh off the grill, and it was steaming! I don’t know about you, but one thing I can’t stand is an undercooked or overcooked patty. Beef is such a thick food that I often find myself fighting with it to eat and enjoy it. Le Petit Vibe’s Loco Moco was cooked to perfection and the beef was so soft that it almost melted in my mouth. Most of the seasoning came from the brown gravy paired with the fried egg, which my Filipino-Canadian boyfriend blissfully reminisces as homely. These dishes are humbly priced at 14.99$ CAD (North shore shrimp) and 13.99$ CAD (Loco Moco), so grab your choice of the many sodas offered or a bottle of Red Tiger beer as a drink. Still hungry? Le Petit Vibe’s got you on extras! Indulge in their musubi spam (a spam sushi), lumpia (Filipino spring rolls) or grab a dole whip (pineapple sorbet) for dessert.

If you’re looking for a cool place to take your food vacation and listen to good music, look no further than Le Petit Vibe. You will be swept off your feet by their warm staff, quality ingredients, and spices that bring a modern twist while preserving Hawaiian and Filipino culture. Le Petit Vibe is currently closed due to maintenance issues, but it will be up and running again in no time.