Blvcknd Talks Misconceptions, New Album and More

For this month’s interview we’re featuring the homie Blvcknd, an underground artist coming out of Montreal. He’s a member of Triple Nine Section as well as the Grime Mtl collective. He’s been working hard in the studio on his debut project which is set to drop this summer. We’re anxiously anticipating Blvcknd dropping some new shit for us. His sound is gritty, lyrical and his style is extremely versatile. We honestly don’t know what to expect but are very excited regardless. Check out the write-up to get to know the story behind his stage name, some artists he’s listening to right now, and more.

Shot by @tragicboyjay

What’s the story behind the name?

In 2011 Odd Future had this sub-group called Mellowhype which was started by Hodgy Beats and Left Brain and they dropped an album called Blackenedwhite. I liked how it sounded so i ditched the white, the two e’s in blackened and flipped the A to a V. 

Where did you draw inspiration for your album?

I really love when artists make a character or a theme for the main focus on an album. I took a lot of inspiration from certain artists who do that like for example: Schoolboy Q on Blank Face. I also of course draw inspiration from my homies that do music too.

If we were to buy you a drink, what should we order?

I feel like my go to drink changes every year but for right now i’d have y’all order me straight Baileys with a lot of ice in the glass. People say i’m weird for it but that shit is fire.

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you?

I feel like people think that i’m very opened and social but in reality i’m hella shy and closed off if i don’t really know the person i’m talking to. it’s been that way since i was younger and i’m still trying to work on that. 

If you had a choice of any producer for a album or mixtape who would you choose?

Literally everyone in Triple Nine can produce but me, so all the homies of course. My dream collabs with bigger producers though would be Working on Dying, Pierre Bourne and The Alchemist. 

What are 3 things you look for when you see live shows?

Stage presence, audio quality and the first and last song of the persons set. 

What are some of the artists you’re listening to?

There’s way too many to name but as of right now Lucki, Playboi Carti, Coi Leray, Fijimacintosh and Thugger

Creating a project has many parts, besides rapping what was your favourite?

YAMA//SATO basically produced like 80% of my new album so while i was in the process of making this project there would be times that he’d send me a beat he just made at like 1am and hearing that beat and what i could do on it was definitely a favourite part of mine. 

What is the triple nine section?

Crypt and Jei Bandit came up with the name triple nine section one day and we decided to just start a little group because we all messed with each others music heavy. In Trip 9 it’s me, Crypt, Jei Bandit, Amideluxe, Yama//sato, Jämvvis and Oscar. Them boys my day 1’s till death 

Thank you so much to Blvcknd for doing this interview with us!! Make sure to follow his Instagram and check out his singles on Spotify!

Shout out to our photographer @tragicboyjay and @gotsweige for styling the shoot. They killed the creative direction and got these crazy shots off an iPhone!!

DJ KidCrayola Talks Pre-Set Rituals, Her Sound and the Montreal Nightlife Scene

Earlier this week we were blessed with the opportunity to sit down and chop it up with the bubbly and fun KidCrayola, a Montreal-based DJ and playlist curator, before shooting her for our June cover. She refers to herself as the Vibe Bender as well as the Waistline Whisperer (among other things) and does so with good reason. KidCrayola always stays strapped with music that just makes you want to move, enjoy yourself and have a good time. The summer is finally here and you can count on her to come through with solid vibes that will be a welcomed addition to your music library. Tap in below to get to know a bit more about KidCrayola’s first set, where the stage name originated from, and more!

Where does the name KidCrayola come from?

My high school best friend gave me the name Crayola because I used to have color in my hair before it was “in” for black girls to wear it in their hair. And I used to dress really colorful after I came back from Cali for the summer, this was like around the jerking era. But people weren’t jerking in Montreal yet. So I was kinda like the weird skater emo girl wearing a lot of colors. So they gave me the name Crayola. Kid refers to my personality. Super childish, mature, but childish.

How would you describe your sound?

Anything black. Basically, anything black that gives you that boom boom pow. I’m a sound selector so when I go into the world wide web I just dive into music. It could go from afro to Amapiano then to drill followed Dancehall and Soca. Just anything that’s appealing to the ear and made by black people, I will play. So like an Afro-fusion. 

I also like to mix a bit of my culture cause I’m Haitian, so I’ll play a little Raboday, with some Konpa and Zouk. I like to call myself the Waistline Whisperer. My favorite thing is the slow whine, that’s my cup of tea. I think the girls like me a lot for that. But anything that is dope and black I will play.

Who are you betting on in a fight between Michiko and Huey Freeman? 

Oh, Huey. Yeahhh definitely. He’s militant. He’s a real soldier. He’s like a mix between a samurai and a black panther. He will definitely win. I mean Michiko… Nah, Huey will win.

What’s the most memorable trip you’ve taken?

I went to New York with my best friend. I was coming out of a breakup, depression, and was like we just need to get out. So I bought the tickets for us and then we took the plane, it was his first time taking a plane. We got drunk on the plane, got off, and had the time of our lives.

You know when you go to a city and you can just be your natural self cause nobody knows you? It kind of unleashed, I would say, the badass person that I knew I was. But had kept hidden those past months due to depression. It was really memorable because there were so many people from different cultures and people with dope styles. When I came back that’s when I knew that I was really gonna do this DJ thing.

What genres of music are your favorite?

Right now? I’d say Amapiano is really good, also Afro-house and Soca. These styles are really making me happy right now. But I listen to too many types of music to just pick a few.

Do you feel like you’re being limited in the MTL nightlife scene? If yes. why?

I can’t say yes or no. Only because I feel as if I should get a bit more educated about the scene and what’s offered to us as DJs. Corona also makes things more complicated, a lot of events now have to be for a cause. I know the market is a little saturated and they don’t necessarily give a lot of opportunities to females. I’d like to change that narrative. I’ve had great opportunities. I’ve mixed for Moonshine and done a few gigs for Mural. So I’d like to think they’re giving us space but I feel as though I’d like there to be a platform for us. Have all the female DJs from Montreal gather together, there’s so many of us doing so many styles. We don’t have as much of a platform as men but I do feel as though the narrative is changing as women continue to own their power and get more educated. 

I’m getting to know more people that can help me work on my projects. I was working on a project pre covid. I was doing an event called VIBE which stands for Visionary Individual Behind Energy. Because I feel like that’s what DJs are, they’re just like people that direct energy in the scene. It got canceled because of everything but I’d like it to happen. It’s basically a safe space for everybody including the lgbtq+ community. It’s really a place you’re supposed to come to dance, not stand on the wall. You’re supposed to catch a vibe for sure. It’s meant to empower people into being their truth and just expressing themselves through dance or music.

Tell us a body of work that you think was impactful in your life.

Honestly, I can think of a person, well actually two people, who were really influential in my life. Missy Elliot and Teyana Taylor really shaped me into the woman that I am. They basically told me that I can be extremely sexy and feminine as well as super tomboy-ish and that doesn’t define me as an individual. Like I can just be me.

When I first heard Missy I was like omg she is everything but when I saw Teyana I could really cause she was such a tomboy and a girly girl. Plus she’s multi-talented, she does everything. You know everybody wants to be like Rihanna? I’d want to be a mix of Rihanna and Teyana, like a philanthropist but then an artist as well. That’s the goal.

Do you have any desire to break into other areas of music like producing or sound engineering? 

Yes actually God willing I’m going to learn how to do a bit of production once I get a hang of my programs. I want to go to Haiti for like two months to dive into my culture fully and just try to create the new Haitian sound. Or maybe try to have my own Haitian artists. That’s the goal for now. It’s really a selfish thing to do, I’m not trying to go international. It’s really for the culture and just to say that I can do it. 

After that, once I come back I want to create after-school programs working with different people I know in the industry that would be willing to give classes to young artists.

Where was your first ever DJ set played? What was it like?

My first set was at Bluedog, my friend worked there. It was honestly the funniest thing, I had hit up my friend and was like yo I got my computer and my DJ controller I’m gonna do this DJ thing. He was like forreal? I was like yeah.  He said ok you have a gig next week. I was like ok… But I don’t know how to DJ yet. So he’s was like ok, so you have a gig in two weeks. I was like that but I don’t know how to DJ. Then he was like the amount of times you’ve gone to the club and the DJ was wack, can you do worse than that? I said I don’t think I could. So he said to figure it out.

I did my gig with another female DJ and it was fun. All my friends were there and the energy was right. Honestly, when I first did it I knew it was what I wanted to do. When I was mixing my big brother and my sister came to surprise so I lowkey almost cried because it was like oh my god I’m getting some support. From then it hit me, I want to DJ, I think it’s fun. 

I like to call myself the Vibe Bender. I have so many akas, I’m like the Waistline Whisperer, the Vibe Bender, the Sound Selector, your girlfriend’s favorite DJ. That’s all the names that I gave myself. But yeah, It was nice to direct the vibe of the place, be like a master puppeteer and just control the energy.

Do you have any rituals you go through before performing a set?

Yes. The week before I listen to the songs that I have and create a folder with the songs I must play throughout the night. Then I go on the net to dive in and look for new songs, new remixes. I like to play with nostalgia, so finding mixes to songs that people know. I get ready and go. If I really wanna be in a turn up mode then I take 3 shots of tequila, a rum, and coke, and I’m ready to go. If you wanna offer me a shot don’t give me no vodka, because that’s for people with no soul and I’m trynna be closer to god. So yeah that’s what I do!

Thank you so much to DJ KidCrayola for doing this interview with us! Make sure to check out her socials! (Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music)

Also, don’t forget to tune in with her on Mondays to catch good vibes and discover some brand new music. No, but seriously though, you won’t regret it.

We’d also like to send a big shoutout to the photographer Mathieu (@pxpifrl) for an amazing shoot.

L’ATITUDE on Creative Endeavours, Why Sativa’s His Bitch and More

For this month’s interview, we’re so glad to be featuring artist, producer, and all-around creative, L’ ATITUDE. He’s an extremely versatile artist whose sound is constantly shifting and adapting with his growth and experience. No genre is out of the question, he’s always up for the challenge. After quite some time we’ve been graced with a full-length project from him, Moon in Aquarius, don’t miss out and take a listen!

We joined him a couple months back in Little Burgundy and Uptown, the two Montreal neighborhoods he grew up in, to visit some smoking spots, chill, eat and catch up. We got to speak on everything from music to weed preferences and future plans. Read below to get to know a little more about L’ ATITUDE.

He’s an extremely versatile artist whose sound is constantly shifting and adapting with his growth and experience.

What’s Ion vs Allies? And what are your plans with it moving forward?

It used to be vs but now it’s plus. Ion + Allies encompasses creatives that I fuck within Quebec. Within my friend group, the artists I know, and the businesses I collaborate with on the daily basis.

We’re all young so right now we’re really just building ideas. We’re capturing the moment and seizing all the opportunities we can so that we can be successful in the future. I see Ion + Allies being way more than just a collective. 

What’s a piece of work that you put out that best reflects who you are?

In 2017 on December 21, I released a project called “B A D”. It features YAMA//SATO, Trinity, Jai Natai Lotus, and other individuals that I’m inspired by. It’s an album that I’ve started writing a short novel about.

I feel like it represents me the most because it has my mentors on there, Jai Natai Lotus and MAD. It has all my day ones on there. This album really kept me in Montreal’s music game because I really think about quitting this shit every day on a real note. But those people and making “B A D” kept me in it. 

Besides your music, what other creative endeavours are you pursuing?

Besides music, I’m currently managing 3 artists. I don’t want to reveal the names but you’ll hear about them very soon, through me and/or themselves.

I’m also writing scripts for music videos and would potentially like to do it for bigger films. I’ve written here and there. I write songs, I’m a ghostwriter. I’m a producer as well besides just being a rapper and vocalist.

If you could be extremely gifted in anything, what would you choose?

Being able to speak spanish. I really love the language but am not able to speak it for shit. 

Who’s an artist that’d you like to make a project with?

Kendrick Lamar hands down. I feel like vocally and lyrically he and I can push the boundaries of music in terms of infusing jazz, hip hop, and R&B. We could make a new sound, I know that.

Kendrick is the reason I’m still rapping. I don’t fucking like rapping. He even told, not directly, but indirectly through the music as I listened, to keep going. Kendrick is more than an idol to me he’s an example. 

Indica or Sativa? Why?

I prefer sativa because I like to work. I don’t like the day going by and I haven’t completed something. You understand. The sativa keeps me going, the indica got me sleeping. When I smoke indica and I drink liquor and I fuck, I fall asleep. And I want to fuck but I just fall asleep, It’s the indica. It stops me from doing and getting what I want, I don’t fuck with it. I like sativa for the brain, my mind will race in a way that is calming to my heart, soul, and mental. Sativa’s my bitch.

What’s next for you?

Creating my own record label and just skipping through the mainstream bullshit. Skipping over the idea that you have to get a record deal then create a label and having to make 100 bands, 300 bands, 500 bands, or however much you’ll need to sign your artists. I’m already working with so many different artists signed, unsigned, big and small. I want to make a record label that’s open for everyone, that’s my next plan. It’s not just that nigga or that person. I want to be able to cater to everyone who may need what I have access to. 

I’ve been working on a lot in terms of music too. I’ve been making a lot of music. I haven’t stopped, I never stopped. There’s only more coming.

Be sure to check out L’ATITUDE curated playlist here :

Stay up to date with everything L’ ATITUDE by following him on his Instagram. Check out his music on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

La Section: Where the Hood Meets Luxury

During this month’s interview we linked up with the La Section Barbershop team. Located in Vieux-Montreal, this opulent shop features a rich history and an even more promising future. La Section’s co-owners Gonz (@gonzhands) and Junior (@juniorfades) say that their mission is to bring artists together: “Even though we aren’t painters or musicians, we still use our tools to paint canvases and to tell stories; it’s about more than just cutting hair.”

Tell us about the shop’s origin story.

Junior: I’ve been cutting hair since I was 17. I decided that it was better to create my own vision and space rather than following someone else’s. I moved to Montreal from Toronto and from there I met a group of talented individuals that had a common passion and goal as me. With a lot of planning and time, we got together and opened up our first location on Saint-Catherine in 2016.

Since our first opening in 2016, we’ve blossomed and opened four more locations. There’s a La Section barbershop in Old Montreal, one on Saint-Catherine street, one in Scarborough, Ontario, and one downtown, Toronto.

What’s the work environment like? Who’s on your team? 

Gonz: We have eight barbers in total at this location. We have G who’s our content creator. He has they eye for marketing and always gets the shop going when he’s on the ones and twos. Roland is definitely one best barbers in the city, and he would take everything if he were competing in barber competitions this year.

Vidjonh is one of the most talented educators. He organizes his own barbershop classes where he shares his expertise in the craft with students. He pushes our team to the next level. Mazz and Keanu are both very similar in the sense that their on the same skill level for barbering and braiding. They’re dope talent and have good future in the business ahead of them. Ozzy brings the life to the shop with his big personality and Ashley is our top braider.

Junior: We’re a family here. Every part of the team adds their special flavour to the shop

What is fvcking artist?

Gonz: G and I created a brand called the Painted Ones. It ties to pre-colonial Filipino culture. Native Filipinos were very well known for being completely covered in tribal tattoos, and when the Spanish came, they would call us ‘los pintados”–the painted ones. It’s through this big artistic aspect of Filipino history that G and I got the idea to create a line called “fvcking artist.” It’s a way for artists across the city to identify with each other.

Why the name La Section?

Junior: We were inspired by the club scene and wanted to reflect the most important part of the clubbing experience, something everyone wants a taste of–the VIP section. You sit in a nice, black leather chair behind some velvet ropes while cutting your hair. You’re in “La Section”.

Gonz: We’re people that grew up in the hood. I’m from uptown [Cote-des-Neiges] and Junior is from the east side of Toronto. We know first-hand what it’s like coming from a low-income neighbourhood, not having access to many luxuries other people can afford and take for granted. We say, ‘the hood meets luxury’ because we tie our culture [music, barbering, tattoos, clothing] in with the glitz and glamour. This way, everyone gets to be VIP at La Section.

What services do you offer

Gonz: We offer hair cutting, braiding, teeth whitening, eyebrow upkeep, and facial steaming. We also have our very own La Section merch that clients can purchase at the shop. More recently, we’ve started offering tattooing services.

Tattooing?? Tell us about that.

Junior: The pandemic really pushed us to get out of our comfort zone. It gave us the opportunity to sit back and reevaluate everything happening in the shop while we were closed. We were thinking about different ways we could improve customer service and get our clientele excited again. We needed to bring something new and special. We’re in very close contact with professional tattoo artists from Toronto that have been providing us with all the support and apprenticeship we need. It’s dope because most people wouldn’t ever expect us, barbers, to do something like this. But we are artists too and we are just as dedicated. Our goal in the future is for La Section to be a luxury barbershop that specializes in tattooing; one of a kind.

Thank you to everyone at La Section for doing this interview. Follow them on their Instagram and also don’t forget to check out their brand The Painted Ones as well!

Woke or Whateva Talk Self Care, Their Mission in the Black Community and Their Love for Napping

We’re so happy to finally share this super special interview with Titi and Becky, the two brilliant woman behind the increasingly popular bilingual podcast, Woke or Whateva. They speak on capitalism, anti-blackness and feminism while keeping up with current events and pop culture. The podcast is serious and smart yet also humorous and very accessible to anyone interested in gaining some knowlege. They make a point of boosting issues and causes they believe in on their platforms as well as creating fundraisers of their own. Both women cover each topic they choose with well researched information, charisma and personalities that make you eager to see what they have coming next.

After only a little over a year of its conception the podcast has gathered over 20k followers on their various platforms, been featured in numerous publications, and has recently been nominated for podcast of the year at the Dynastie Gala (go vote!). While they’ve really just started they’ve done so much already and still have a lot more in store for us and we truly cannot wait. Tune in to the interview to find out a little more about Becky and Titi, like how they met each other, the importance of self-care in their lives, their plans for the community and much more!

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with the amazing women that are Woke or Whateva, thank you so much for participating in this interview! Make sure to keep up with them on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

In My Hood With Brandon Doret

NobodyAsked’s In My Hood is a series where we interview various artists in their neighborhoods and are shown places that are significant to them. There’s so much perspective to be discovered when speaking to someone about themselves while being immersed in the communities that shaped them.

In the final installment of the first season of In My Hood we visited Brandon Doret in Cartierville and Ville St-Laurent. We spoke about his newest album that dropped January 27th, When It All Falls Down, growing up in Montreal, his influences, and more.

Thank you to Brandon Doret for participating in this interview! Keep up with him on Instagram and and make sure to go check out his newest body of work, When It All Falls Down and the short film that accompanies it.

In My Hood With Spaceman Dela

NobodyAsked’s In My Hood is a series where we interview various artists in their neighborhoods and are shown places that are significant to them. There’s so much perspective to be discovered when speaking to someone about themselves while being immersed in the communities that shaped them.

Spaceman Dela joins us for season 1, episode 2 of In My Hood. We met up with this versatile artist in Saint-Hubert and Greenfield Park, just outside the island of Montreal. We got to talk about his newest album, coming from a family of music, and more.

Thank you to John Dagsaan for providing his talents, all the photos were captured by him. See more of his work here.

Big thank you the Spaceman for doing this interview us! Keep up with him on Instagram and listen to some of his music on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music.

Make sure to tune back in next week Friday at 8PM for the next episode of In My Hood.

In My Hood With TGEMarx

NobodyAsked’s In My Hood is a series where we interview various artists in their neighborhoods and are shown places that are significant to them. There’s so much perspective to be discovered when speaking to someone about themselves while being immersed in the communities that shaped them.

TGEMarx joins us for season 1, episode 1 of In My Hood. We caught up with him in his childhood stomping ground, Lasalle, and got to discuss music, being an independent artist, plans for the future, and much more.

Big thank you to Marx for doing this with us! Make sure to tune back in next week Friday at 8PM for the next episode of In My Hood.

Keep up with Marx on Instagram and listen to some of his music on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music.

A Peak Into the Mind of Tamar

We have been so eager to share this interview as the final one of the year. We’re so grateful to have been able to receive this amazing artwork from Tamar Black Rotchin (@Tbrmfs) as a response to the questions we had for her. Tamar is an absolutely amazing artist whose work is vulnerable, genuine and leaves you feeling like there’s someone who’s going through it too. From pen and paper, to painting, and digital illustration she creates art in various forms. She’s worked in collaboration with local brands like Grimey Mtl and has recently had her work showcased in a virtual exhibition called NICE. Read more to find out about Tamar’s sources of inspiration, her thoughts about formal art education, and more.

Tamar is an absolutely amazing artist whose work is vulnerable, genuine and leaves you feeling like there’s someone who’s going through it too.

Make sure to go check out Tamar’s Instagram to see all her amazing artwork. Also, go check out the NICE. exhibition , Tamar, and many other amazing artists are showcased in that as well. Much love again to Tamar for sharing this amazing work with us we’re so very grateful.

Chanksdaddy on Taking L’s, 2021 Plans and More

For this week’s interview, we had the opportunity to interview an extremely talented producer, artist, and DJ from Ottawa. Going by Chanksdaddy or just Chanks he’s produced for one of our faves, Romeo Don’t Die, along with many other artists such as Huey Draper, Krsraga, CasaLee, and Iceyami. He’s been referred to as a genius for his ability to blend genres and style making them seamless. Besides producing he also is an artist who makes catchy bops that he teases us with but doesn’t release, so to say we cannot wait for his solo project to come out is an understatement. Read below to get know why he has so much unreleased music, his thoughts on violence in the rap game, and his upcoming plans in 2021.

He’s been referred to as a genius for his ability to blend genres and style making them seamless.

Why do you keep so much music in the vault?

The first thing would be timing and I get sick of my shit within 2 seconds. I always feel like everytime I finish something I’m so much better after. Every next thing I do, but also timing. One of those things I’m working on though. 2021. Trust me. Trust the process.

What’s the biggest L you took with a woman?

There was this one time I asked this girl out to eat and basically she just said no. She just said no but I was like damn bitch you not even gonna fake it for a free meal. It was like woah, just no? You’re not gonna fake it or even try to use me? Not that that’s what I wanted but it was just that the no was so firm. This wasn’t that long ago either. I had to just respect it cause I didn’t expect that. I thought it was foolproof even if she wasn’t interested and I did it, at least I did it. But she didn’t even want to go to dinner.  I was like this is crazy, it lowkey a bigger L than her just using me. If you use me and we don’t get along I’m going to know within the first 5 minutes. But yeah she wasn’t trying to do that. She said “nah still”, I think that was her answer. So I was like ok.

Have you been listening to any King Von tracks?

I just started listening to him. He was everywhere. The first track I heard from him I didn’t like. You really couldn’t escape him, so I was like fine I’ll listen to this nigga, and he was really good. He was going up, but like exponentially. He was everywhere. Do you know how hard it must be for an artist to pop during Corona?

What are your thoughts about the unusually high percentage of upcoming rappers dying from gun violence? Would you be afraid of falling victim to it if you blow up?

Yeah absolutely. The beast needs blood, you now, and it’s not a coincidence that you have all these people dying mysteriously or suddenly at the peak of their start. Not even their actual peak just the start. It’s the only genre of music where this happens. It’s a rap thing and I feel like there’s something greater at play, something even more sinister maybe.

Top 5 artists you’re listening to right now.

I like Trippie Redd, Fivio Foreign, Sundiver, that’s rock. Uh let me look at my playlist real quick… There’s Joji, he’s greek, and Rob Banks.

As a producer are there any genres you’d like to explore?

There’s a few. I really like the shit that Micheal Jackson was doing. Whatever that’s called, the actual term for it. Micheal Jackson is lit. Also pop music, but not like the wack pop, you know. You don’t see a lot of niggas making pop, cause it’s intricate. Niggas wanna make bangers all day but that’s not the hardest thing to do.

Who’d you fuck, kill or marry between an X-Box, Playstation and PC?

I would fuck…  That’s the craziest shit I’ve been asked in my life. Can’t believe I’m really about to answer. Especially for a fuck, kill, marry question. I would fuck, omg, PC. Kill X-Box and marry Playstation.

Where does the name Chanksdaddy come from?

Chanksdaddy comes from Chanks and Chanks comes from Chanka, which was what my nickname was in school. So it went from Chanka to Chanks and then Chanksdaddy, yeah. Actually Chanksdaddy I changed that cause of P Diddy, Puff Daddy. I look up to him he’s done a lot of great things.

What’s one song that reminds you of your childhood?

50 Cent- 21 Questions

What are your plans for 2021 with your music?

I definitely want to drop an actual project. That’s big for me because I’m not really a project type of guy, but now I want to drop a body of work. Me, on all fronts. I’ve basically already started. I want to do that and also I want to produce for more people. I’ve been getting a lot of requests because of the stuff that I’ve done recently with Romeo and some other people. The calls have been coming in like crazy. I want to deliver is what I want to do. Sometimes a lot of people call me but people kinda think that music just comes to me or that I have a stash of shit waiting to be sent. Which I kinda do but I never want to send shit to people if it’s below a certain standard. I want to deliver in 2021. I will. That’s all it is. I want to work with more people and work with myself a lot.

Stay up to date with everything Chanksdaddy by folowing him on his Twitter and Instagram. If you need to discover some new music to listen to check him out on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.