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#VibeOfTheWeek: SKIIFALL – Bentayga Dust

This week’s vibe is honestly a fucking banger. The Montreal-based St-Vincent born rapper SKIIFALL has gained a lot of traction since his debut single “Ting Tun Up”. It’s almost unheard of for an emerging anglophone artist in Quebec to get numbers like SKIIFALL debut, despite there being countless talented artists. So I love to see […]

Drink of the Month: Dark and Stormy

Our July #DrinkoftheMonth choice is the classic Dark & Stormy! It’s a refreshing and easy to make cocktail for those of y’all that want to spice up your weekend nigths in, but don’t wanna break the bank. It’s known as Bermuda’s unofficial drink and was popularized by sailors around the world. Legend has it that […]

#NewMusicAlert : JTONDABEAT – Damaged (feat. Lil Waterboi)

We’re coming at you with some new music! This track is brought to you by Florida born audio engineer, JTONDABEAT. He’s been making beats since 2016 and now is working on making his mark in the music industry as an artist. With his catchy melodies, varied sources of inspiration and passion for music, he can […]


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